SECRUI Wireless Doorbell

SECRUI Wireless Doorbell

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This mini portable waterproof wireless plug in doorbell are great for use in the home, apartments, small and medium-sized houses, and large villas, at the office or in a detached garage.

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Up to 300m Transmission Long Range

If you’re searching for a wireless doorbell with a long range, you’ll want to go with this model. The unit’s 1,000-foot range is just the start of its attractive features. The doorbell also includes a flashing LED light, four volume levels and a mute mode.

Mini Plug in receiver

In addition to 58 different chimes, the cordless door bell also can adjust volume levels from 0dB to 120dB. The chime unit plugs into any electrical outlet, eliminating the need for batteries as well as mounting.

Plug in electric doorbell receiver size: 6.57*6.57*6.57 cm

Wireless Doorbell IP65 Waterproof Battery Operated 1000ft
Plug in wireless doorbell

Can be add additional door bell receivers and push button

Central paging: several receivers can be controlled from a single transmitter. Expand existing battery operated wireless doorbell with up to 2 transmitters and multiple receivers.

Individual paging: each receiver can be controlled individually from additional transmitters. Different push button can be set to different doorbell chime. Classic and seasonal melodies, a selection of standard ‘bing bong’ sounds.

Weatherproof Push Bell

The doorbell push button has a high waterproof rating of IP55, to ensures the perfect usage in rainy days. Works between -4°F to 140°F, to ensure that it is suitable for different areas of different climates.

Doorbell button battery (CR2032) can be replaced.

Battery operated cordless doorbell push button size : 3*2*6cm

waterproof doorbell push
plug in wireless doorbell

SECRUI Wireless Wall Plug in Receivers with LED lights flashing

There will be colorful light shining on the receiver when the doorbell transimitter is pressed, which is good for hard of hearing persons and keep sleeping babies from being startled awake, as well as makes sure that you always get an alert, especially on Mute Mode.

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